Hi my name is Ann, I am a womenswear fashion designer, and have spent the past 20 years designing clothes for a large chunk of the uk high street.

So,there is a pretty good chance you may have worn one of my creations.

My blog has come about because I have a massive archive of old magazines, mainly from the 1990’s onwards that I cannot bare to part with.

I blame an old tutor of mine, he had an archive from the 70’s and 80’s that I helped move for him, when I saw it I realised that I could no longer rip up my mags to create mood boards for my work and that i needed to preserve my favourites.

Through college and several house moves along the way I have managed to keep my magazines with me.However, renovations and an expanding family means we are running out of space, so some of them just have to go.

This is my way of saying goodbye, and sharing the images I have loved along the way.

The imagery that has inspired me through my creative career.

The imagery I select, will also be linked to things that I am currently inspired by.

I have always been intrigued by trend, how things bubble up and become an influence, so I also want to share my current inspirations and fashionable thoughts along the way.

One of the best parts of my day job is inspiring others, so hopefully by sharing my thoughts and ideas i will start inspiring you, my readers as well.

So lets start with dusting down these magazines.

i hope you enjoy sharing this with me, do let me know.




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5 thoughts on “About

  1. hi anne, love your blog.

    it’s truly a rare gem in the fashion blogosphere. so much of the content that’s churned out today feels very hollow, detached and so unconnected to the bloggers.

    Your sincerity,passion, knowledge and connection to fashion as an art rather than status symbol or way to boost one’s ego is much appreciated.

    I think we could be fashion soul mates. I’m eerily spot on when it comes to fashion forecasting. I wish I would have pursued that field in fashion.

    I think you’d be a unique asset to The Fashion Spot forums and would love for you to share all of your amazing experiences and magazine imagery on the
    forums! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in joining or would like an invite to the forums!

    Samantha aka ellastica

    PS are you on Pinterest? that’s the only social media outlet I currently partake in.


  2. Hey Ann,

    Apologies for the fashion lifetime lapse in responding! most fashion bloggers never respond back and I subsconciously assumed were the aloof no response type. If you are still interested in becoming a TFS member just shoot me an email!


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