the face may 1992

the face may 1992

love this picture dont you? boy george with mica and jade.

been wanting to use it since watching the voice this season, how fab was george as a coach?

this issue was put together at a very challenging time for the magazine, during the very expensive court case with jason donovan.

but here are just some of the messages supporting the concept of,

“love sees no colour.”

a message still as poignant today as it was 24 years ago, boy oh boy  i really do hope we have moved on, sometimes i feel we are still in the dark ages in terms of the acceptance of others however when i see and hear my children speak it gives me great hope in the future.

however, my children are born and raised in london, they go to a large multi cultural state school and i think the greatest gift the school has given them is the exposure and understanding of different cultures, and a global view of the world.

i expect this is not quite the same in other areas of the country.

some of the creators of the time wearing  specially commisioned pieces that endorse the message of tolerance,for the love sees no colour issue volume 2 no 44.


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