vogue 75th birthday t shirt

vogue may 1991 19

vogue may 1991

funny when I first saw this, i thought of the line,

“my mum went to vogue and all I got was this t-shirt.”

so on the 100 year anniversary, and to celebrate the vogue festival week-end, yes it’s happening this week-end, there are still a few tickets left for some of the talks and masterclasses  at vogue festival as well as a pop up shop selling all manner of fashion essentials you can buy to be in vogue.

check this lot out! Bella Freud matches, caran d’ache coloured pencils and a j crew sweat.

all imagery courtesy of disneyrollergirl, you can read her blog here

disney roller girl vogue festival

I knew I had seen some products but i just couldn’t track down or remember where, and then again as if by magic i found them on her post, when i was about to give up and run out of time!

I am certain there will be all manner of lovely  items, and inspired talks.

good luck to everyone taking part and for those just going along for some fun and inspiration.

Me? I will be at home on gcse revision duty, someone has to sit on my son!

please forgive me and don’t laugh but have just found the spell check, always something new to learn.




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