perfect partnerships 1990

vogue may 1990

shot by patrick demarchelier

assuming other credits as the cover?

sort of cheated with this by seperating the story from the cover, but loved them too much.

also really got me thinking about  a few different story threads really.

one,  about powerfull partnerships

two the return of the body, as in all in ones, leotards, swimsuitsz etc.

oh and three monochrome

so where am i going to go with this one?

vogue may 1990 9


vogue may 1990 10vogue may 1990 11vogue may 1990 13vogue may 1990 12vogue may 1990 14vogue may 1990 15vogue may 1990 16vogue may 1990 17vogue may 1990 18

think it has to be about the return of the body!

sports influences, athleisure , whatever you want to call it really or just the realisation that maybe in a few months we may be in a position to see sunnier weather and be thinking about hitting a beach in a swimsuit.

i simply love love love the sequin number worn by christy above, oh how i would love to feel confident enough to wander about in that!

i saw fantastic sequin leotards, playsuits and leggings at wilderness last year by a gorgeous brand called  rosa bloom  this is the link to her website i loved seeing gorgeous girls wandering the fields in them with the obligatory floral head band, real of course hand made that afternoon or their faces covered in glittery sparkles.

as dusk fell, the sequins twinkled and skirts or trousers or sweats were easily pulled on top when the temperature dropped.

agh dreaming of summer.



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