flea and shalom set sail april 1993

well this boat trip looks like fun.

us vogue april 1993

shot by bruce weber

fashion editor grace coddington

hair didier malige

make up mary greenwell

so in honor of the chilli peppers headlining at the reading festival  this year, i thought it worth a share.

tea dresses, floral and stripe whats not to like? throw in some lacey crochet and oh  there is also  a ships cat!

i really like the patchwork collage pages, and plan to do a few of my own, so watch this space.

us vogue april 1993 7us vogue april 1993 6us vogue april 1993 8us vogue april 1993 9us vogue april 1993 11us vogue april 1993 1us vogue april 1993 3us vogue april 1993 2us vogue april 1993 12us vogue april 1993 13

stripes and florals always looks so cool.

i would like a go on this swing as well.


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