vogue april 1994 the linen debate

shades of summer shot by neil kirk

fashion editor  jayne pickering

hair james brown

make up miranda joyce

vogue april 1994 5vogue april 1994 6vogue april 1994 9

vogue april 1994 10vogue april 1994 11

anxieties about linen creasing too easily should be dispelled.

let it crease- thats what gives it its soft relaxed feel.

seems like i am back to a bit of crinkle again, see my previous post here. crinkle.

linen,love it or loathe it?

i am all for natural fibres, so i like a bit of linen and i really dont mind a crease here and there, i agree it can be a pain if you need to look sharp,but frankly for me,thats part of its appeal.

linen hasnt been on trend as a cloth for fashion for many years now, the last time probably was back in the mid 90’s. when everyone had linen trousers and shirts in their wardrobes. along with a slouchy linen suit.

in fact in my loft bags i have uncovered a gorgeous coral linen skirt along with a great black linen sundress that will defintely be back as part of my summer wardrobe this year.

but i really fancy a linen blazer. or maybe a big sundress… i am really loving masscob, they have some lovely linen pieces. so i have put together a little pinterest shopping board, so check it out here. linen bits and bobs





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