vogue april 1994

sticking with the same year 1994, here is british vogue.

i must say it was alot harder to find images inside i loved as much as in the harpers bazaar isssues.

vogue still looks a little dated to me at this time, lots of ladylike dressy occassiony outfits that could have been in the 80’s. thats another story!

i really wanted to only feature images i still love right now, but feel by sharing some of them here, we get a good contrast between the past and the future and the changing look and feel of fashion during this time.

i am not loving them, although they do reflect the time, and if nothing else they do give a striking comparison. bottom right is quite cute with the hats, cheeky, fun and timeless.

i feel this way of dressing only looks great in a punky paula yates cool girl way, more of that another time.

so for now just a lovely cover with a model i am not overely familiar with, but very beautiful shot by neil kirk hair james brown.

vogue april 1994 1


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