1995 1996 jil sander advertising

jil sander advertising

harpers bazaar feb 1995

shalom harlow

whilst thinking about another post i stumbled across this super interview,

on showstudio and really wanted to use it.

so the plan was to take a slightly different approach to the archive, rather than only using one issue for one post, i thought i would group together a few of my favourites, to highlight the amazing creative relationship between craig mcdean, eugene souleman and pat mcgrath.

and then this happened!

during the interview, the name marc ascoli popped up.

a name i remember well, and i wanted to find out why i new the name.

when i read his cv i was blown away at the realisation that this man, i never met, has actually shaped the vision of my creative world.

looking back at his creative impact on fashion photography at this time has been amazing.

marc ascoli for jil sander 1995 and 1996 boy oh boy, how much do i love these images. please click on the link and see them in full.

i also found this super aticle on the business of fashion, from 2013,have a read and enjoy the amazing visual world he helped create.

i really really could make this post so very very long as i catalogue every mind blowing image he has helped create. i might not be able to stop.

but i am going to and will save some of the other beauties that mean so much to me for another day.




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