harpers bazaar feb 2005

christy turlington photgraphed by peter lindberg

hair by odile gilbert make up dick page.

i had to post these fabulous images, as funnily enough a few weeks back i pinned one onto pinterest having no idea where it was created.us harpers baz feb 1995 19

now i am happy to give it the credit it truely deserves.

us harpers baz feb 1995 18
christy turlington shot by peter lindberg harpers bazaar february 2015

i love backs, so much so i have a board dedicated to them on pinterest.

the back can be a blank canvas to create dramatic shapes and i love the way something can be demure from the front yet oh so daring from behind.

you can take a look here at all the inspirational imagery i have collated on backs

the rest of the shoot is quite racy, the story being called sex games.

but i do really like the corsetry shots as the detailing feels very relevant.

harpers bazaar feb 95 1harpers bazaar feb 95 2harpers bazaar feb 95

incredibly random, but somehow reminded me of the joseph aw collecton.

as have been thinking about hook and eyes lately, and various ways of lacing up and fastening.

you can see the collection in full on vogue runway. joseph

bet we will be seeing a lot more hooks and eyes.




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