harpers bazaar feb 1995

i love drawing, and fashion illustration,especially simple graphic lines, a less is more approach.

these drawings are called still life with linda, drawn by mats gustafson.

a swedish artist who moved to new york in the eighties.

the photography capturing the day is by patrick demarchelier.

he explains his craft by saying,

“an illustrator has to do something the camera can’t do. the human eye needs to see what the human hand can do.”

i love that.

fashion illustration goes in and out of favour, but i am pleased to see it being used more.

maybe because so much of the mystery of fashion has been eroded, with social media documenting every move, an illustrated view can recapture and install some distance, add a little romance and fantasy and add back some of the magic as it requires the observer to imagine?

showstudio use a variety of artists as part of its fashion week coverage,

i like the spirit of illustration to give a taster, a feel and an essence of a look. i really liked these two images, gill button who specialises on faces of burburry at london fashion week, and blair breitenstein of gucci at milan fashion week.

you can find more here at showstudio.com

then i discovered more examples on my social media feed.

the stylish stuff posted a piece yesterday as i was prepping this, about her love of fashion illustration and featured a q and a and favourite looks from london fashion week illustrated by nicki groom, miss magpie fashion spy so it appears i am not alone.

to wrap up,  few seasons back, i really loved the stella mccartney pre fall  2013 collection presentation, the models were artists muse, the space was set up like a studio, and several artists painted and captured the event as it took place. lovely.

i have scouted about a little and i think the artists involved were  john gordon gauld , miky fabrega and catherine delphia , three very different artists with contrasting styles.

here are some images of the presentation, courtesy of vogue

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 09.38.33
stella mccartney pre fall 2013
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 09.40.35
stella mccartney prefall 2013

what i hadnt realised at the time, was the bigger story behind the idea, the fund raising aspect,so you can read more about it here at  grey area and i also need to thank where art meets fashion as thats where i made these discoveries.

i will post more illustration pieces as and when i find them, as i am sure there are more pieces in the archive.

i might even post a few of my own sketches at some point,when i am feeling brave enough. there is no way i am anywhere as good as the artists above, but drawing has always been at the heart of what i do.

this marks the first post i have created using links, so fingers crossed they work out and you can find the information you need. and i am one small step closer to writing a decent blog post.




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