madonna the face feb 1991


had to share these just because its madge being madge in all her glory.

the article was written by sheryl garratt and the images were exclusive stills, shot on set by stephane sednaoui.

justify my love , the video shot by jean baptiste mondino became the fastest selling video in the us.

banned my mtv, and only shown in the uk on the word.

it shows madonna and her then current beau tony ward holed up in a hotel, but the reason it was banned?

it showed madonna getting up close and personal and kissing another women, amanda cazalet.

sheryl rightly asks, why are we shocked by this, when its ok that every heavy metal band relys on sexist shots and women parading in lingerie are getting played on mtv and top of the pops?

so whats changed?

there are still plenty of scantily clad females gyrating in their pants trying to sell stuff but we no longer have page 3, same sex relationships and marrages have become legal but the bbc viewing public were shocked to see a full frontal naked man and his dangly bits on the tv screen on a sunday evening. nipples ok penis not ok. read more war and peace.Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 17.22.07.png

oliver pearce bbc war and peace feb 2016




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