feb 1996 british fashion designers

as the rummaging continues i found this gem in the february 1996 marie claire photography by helmut newton.

so in honour of london fashion week, i am posting this.

what a fabulous idea, would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the idea was pitched to each of them, and seeing their reactions.

i loved seeing paul smith wearing his collection, and he was very front of mind, as earlier this week i was reading an article on his views and thoughts on the crazy fashion calender and what he plans to do to streamline and consolidate his buisness.

a very young looking philip treacy, what an amazing career he has had ( we studied together back in the day, it was evident he had a great future ahead of him, talent, focus and incredible gaelic charm). He has created some mind blowing head wear for such a broad spectrum of clients illustrating, how you can take any creative concept and make it relevant for your client and collaborated with some greats.

galiano, the genius i was very fortunate to have him mentor me during my final collection, he encouraged me to push my ideas further, not hold back on any of them. i helped out during fashion week along with large numbers of other fashion students just thankfull to be exposed to the wonderfullness that was going on around us.

at somepoint in this declutter i hope to come across a set of beautifull posters given to me at the time, yes i do run the risk of becoming a crazy horder/bag lady but they are here somewhere, and when found i will happily share.

i dont have stories about all of them, but who didnt own a pair of joseph trousers in the nineties? or lust after a pair at least. or one of the amazing sweaters.

the joseph store at brompton cross was nirvana, and i used to pilgrimage there almost every week, dreaming that one day i would be in a position to buy more than just look at the stuff.

looking at this selection, each and everyone of them still pretty much an icon of british style, and still contributing.


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