wow Harpers Bazaar feb 1997

us harpers baz feb 1997
this one isnt going anywhere!!!
i dont think i could bare to part with it,so it most definately takes 
its place in the keep pile!!!
what an amazing issue, from my view that is.... somehow i have a full week of 
posts from this beauty, so thank you, elizabeth tilberis and fabien baron for 
creating such an others too numerous to mention.
cover credits
stella tennant wearing calvin klein shot by patrick demarchelier
hair louis angelo make up diane kendal mannicure 
(so american)elisa ferri.

so what caught my eye, was the headline the dress issue, 
85 best looks and what to wear underneath.
us harpers baz feb 1997 9
through my initial trawl of earlier february dated magazines, i have been 
attracted by the slouchy tailoring, so this one got me thinking, has fashion 
really been obsessed with the dress forever???? 
has the last 18-19 years really been all about the dress?
well maybe last 15, as last 5 of those must have been dominated by skinny jeans?

i have been obsessed with seperates for at least the last 8-10 years, which has 
been a challenge considering i have been designing for retail, so challenging to 
get dress focussed buisnesses to look at other options.

so just imagine, the fashion influencers of the world declaring to their trouser 
wearing public in 1997, hang up your strides, dresses are the way forward.
i had a wardrobe full of glorious tailored bootcut pants! 

in fact, i have to confess i am old enough to remember as a much young designer, 
being asked by buying and merchandising to design at least 25 pairs of trousers 
because thats what the data told them...for me however, 
i was really feeling for skirts!
that is another story,but somehow and we managed to find a balence.

this also got me thinking about a constant conflicting dilema that has pretty muchalways underpinned my work and my aestetic.... contrast, challenge and change.
i love a contrast, hard and soft, edgy and pretty, i never like too much of the 
same the same thing, its always better ( for me) to mix it up and that what makes it my point of view. too edgy is too harsh, to pretty is too twee, so just mix it up. 
so imagine my delight when i found thesetwo things in the same edition.....

a beauty round up, are you a frillster or a sleekster?  me?? i am both depending 
on the weather do i really have to choose???
and the horoscope, aquarians are strange people. lovers of order on one hand and
devoted anarchists on the other.... blimey i have been looking for answers in all the wrong places... this is me to a t!
us harpers baz feb 1997 21

us harpers baz feb 1997


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